What is it?

An essential element of growth and transformation is to take stock of where your team is now.  Our assessment tools will give you the data and insight to measure your progress and make informed investment choices in the future.


The Through the Eyes of the Team Survey is the only tool on the market that can benchmark the coaching frequency and quality of sales leadership teams. This survey is implemented through the ONE-UP Coaching Cloud and will help senior executives assess the coaching effectiveness of their leadership team and the impact it's having on the bottom line. 


Sales Skill Assessments will give you in-depth knowledge of your team’s level of sales skills. Implement this tool as a benchmark and repeat to document growth and development.  Leadership, managers, and training and development teams will use this data to refine individual coaching plans and future skill development.

  • Online measurement of sales skills and competencies
  • Establish a baseline of performance across customer-facing sales skills
  • Better understand your team
  • Diagnose training and development needs
  • Improve manager coaching with data

Talent CQ’s Predictive Sales Skills Assessment will deliver an objective and defensible set of data points for your existing team and future candidates. This detailed scientific sales assessment has been used by leadership to form sales teams with specific skill sets and refine their existing teams.

  • Capture learning styles, occupational interests and behavioral strengths and weaknesses
  • Select, develop and coach team members
  • Measure improvement over time
  • Screen candidates against profiles of top performers

Who Needs It?

Everyone who is undertaking any growth or development project. The data will be the needed foundation for documenting and tracking growth and improvement.

Why do you need it?

Per the CSO Insights Sales Effectiveness survey, sales teams who report as “Need Improvement” have at least a 10% lower quota attainment.

The HR costs associated with an ineffective hiring strategy can dwarf common expectations and eliminate future growth and development projects.

Your World Class Coaches will benefit from a more data-oriented development strategy for their teams.

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