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3 Reasons to Attend a Discover Your Best Life Retreat

Weekend Retreat

Attending weekend retreats is a great way to take a break, recharge, get centered, or find motivation and direction. A Discover Your Best Life Retreat is a weekend geared toward personal, professional, and spiritual insights that could help inspire and motivate you to a next level in your life.


If you’re like me, you are probably drawn toward anything that has a focus on self-development. Whether it’s a self-help book, motivational website, inspirational quotes, or retreats, there’s something that stirs us to always be improving, to become smarter, stronger, more disciplined, more focused, an overall better person than we are at the moment. If that also describes you, below are 3 great reasons to attend a Discover Your Best Life Retreat.


DYBL Retreats are based on the book Discover Your Best Life by Mike Hintz

Discover Your Best Life is a book about boosting your own ability to innovate your life, and discovering your own unique potential by first gaining insight into some of the wrong thinking we have about ourselves. The weekend retreats follow the flow of the book such as gaining Insight, moving to Action, and then changing negative Metaphors in your life.


The retreats focus on the personal, professional and spiritual sides of our lives

These areas of life impact the quality, success, and happiness we experience.

  • Personal development and personal growth are essential to being a balanced and well-rounded human being.
  • How we approach our professional or daily work life defines the rhythm and pace of our lives in positive and negative ways.
  • The retreats embrace diversity in spiritual beliefs and practice, and nurturing this aspect of ourselves is essential to becoming fully balanced.


Four expert teachers bring a wealth of value to the DYBL Retreat weekend

The 4 retreat teachers will challenge and engage you to identify your roadblocks and ways to grow and move past them. Mike Hintz will focus on your professional goals, Holly McDonough will be giving guidance and direction for your personal health and wellness, while Ted Jauw and Kate Henriott-Jauw will be guiding you in spiritual and creative progress that will bring peace and balance to your life.


The 2019 retreats are located in Chicago and Phoenix. Both cities are easily accessible from major airports and also provide plenty of great things to see and do if you were to extend your stay around the retreat. More details about the Discover Your Best Life Retreats can be found here.