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Take Back the Reins

"Safety and survival can often circumvent our opportunity to be ourselves, but we must take the reins of our own life back at some point."  p. 14 ...

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Are you remaining essential?

"To remain essential in this fast-paced changing world we need to become Innovators with our own creative potential fully engaged." page 10, ...

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What do you believe?

What do you believe about your capabilities? I address this early in Discover Your Best Life with this quote from page 7. 

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IDOLIZE: Discover Your Best Life

The people we idolize when we are young have a formative impact on us and shape us in many ways that we don't always realize at the time.  Many of us may...

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IDENTIFY: Discover Your Best Life

How we identify ourselves can have some pretty far-reaching implications. Many of our existing ways of deciding who we are can be based on things that...

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