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Four Keys to Unlock Sales Growth

 CSO Insights is the independent research arm within Miller Heiman Group, dedicated to improving the performance and productivity of complex B2B...

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Why Your Sales Team should Track Revenue Growth


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Executive Level Access is a Game Changer

When Dorothy finally gets to the Emerald City to ask the wizard about help returning to Kansas, she is told at the front door by the mustachioed...

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Strategic Selling®


Workshop Information Comprehensive Strategy for Complex Sales Strategic Selling® helps organizations and individuals develop comprehensive strategies...

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Aligning the Buying and Selling Process: Do You Understand How Your Customer Buys?

The playing fields of the sales world have been flattened. Powerful economic forces—from outsourcing and offshoring, to workflow software and the...

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The High Anxiety: Does Your Sales Team Have Performance Issues?

Each face-to-face interaction with potential clients should be managed to move an opportunity forward.  Not knowing what to ask the customer is one...

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How Do You Compare to the Best of the Best?

For the 8th consecutive year, Miller Heiman has conducted its Sales Best Practices Study of senior leaders, sales leaders, and sales professionals...

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