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Discover Your Best Life

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"We all want to discover how to live our best life, and sometimes that is hard to do on your own. I am always learning how I can improve and this is why I love Mike's book. The language he teaches you has practical application in every aspect of life.

Alice Heiman, Founder of Alice Heiman LLC and Author of More Sales Now!

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Ready to boost your ability to innovate and become more competitive in today's global marketplace? Discover Your Best Life shows you how to unlock your own innovative potential and those of the people around you. Contrary to what you have been told, there is an "I" in team, and it's time to release their full potential rather than asking them to blend in.


Mike is the President of Northlink Consulting and works with many types of clients to optimize their marketing and sales channel by using his diverse personal and professional background. A freelance artist, ICU nurse, military officer, and global sales and training leader have all given him a tremendous perspective. He strives to help people reach their full potential, and his book is a natural extension of that driving mission.

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