What is it?

You’ll walk through a four-step coaching methodology that will align your manager’s focus and activities with the sales goals. Aligning your management team with the Five High Pay-off Activities will ensure that they are connecting with their salespeople on a regular basis and focusing on items that will improve sales outcomes.


Additionally, you will build a connected relationship, which is an important aspect of where many people choose to work.  World class coaches possess a catalytic factor that allows them to challenge their team when they need it. They have built the respect and have the foundation to ask for their performance.

The One Up Coaching Cloud creates the needed elements of visibility and accountability while also giving your coaching team a roadmap to success. The web-based platform is accessible anywhere and equips your leadership team with the vital statistics needed to drive growth and transformation.

Who Needs It?

Any business with a sales force or customer service team can see the benefits of converting their management team into world class coaches.

Why do you need it?

70% of frontline managers have never been educated on the best way to coach and lead their sales teams.

Research has documented that 3 out 10 sales managers unwittingly demotivate their team with their actions and behaviors.

Some CEOs and VPs of Sales do not have visibility into what their front-line managers do on a daily and weekly basis and are not able to correlate their actions to the impact on sales growth or decline.

How Do I Get Started?

Read the Forbes.com article on the Five High Pay Off Activities and determine if this approach is on point with the activities your management team needs to performing.

Then set up an initial call with the team at Northlink Consulting who will help you determine you next steps.

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