effective team

What is it?

Every effective team needs alignment to their mission and a path to achieve it. 


This half-day workshop is available virtually or as a facilitated strategic workshop. The process development team is a small cross-functional group that has topline visibility into your organization and sales team. Ideally comprised of seven to ten team members from the following departments:

  • Executive leadership
  • Marketing
  • Sales (Inside & Outside)
  • Customer fulfillment
  • Sales Operations
  • Contracts or Legal
  • Manufacturing

Why do you need it?

Your salespeople will find support in executing a common sales process rather than making up their next steps on their own.  When you choose to invest in a comprehensive and intentional sales process, your salespeople will benefit from economies of scale.  Your organization will bring efficiency and transparency to your deals that you may not have experienced before.

The Sales Relationship Matrix from CSO Insights has confirmed that as you move your sales process from a random one to a defined one with repeatable steps it positively affects several metrics.

Levels of Relationship

Levels of

Concept of Sales Process

Who Needs It?

Sales and business development executives who lack the necessary visibility into their organizations sales process.

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